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Questions and Answers

Of course you have some questions about MY HEALTHIER MARRIAGE COACHING PROGRAM”, and we are here to solve them. Here you will find a list of previously asked questions, and their answers. Of course, you are free to add your new questions, too!

  • Who is this system directed to?

We are targeting a special group of husbands that are just now  experiencing the consequences of long term passive aggressive attitudes within their marriages. Those men have been challenged by their wives to provide changes or be left behind.

  • Why only the husbands and not the couple?

In passive aggressive marriages, the husbands (not the wives) have been inadvertently doing toxic behaviors that put marriages at risk. We present a way to invite wives to be part of the solution once the program is started and husband has achieved the first milestones.

  • Will this system help me in my situation?

It depends: you need to accept your part of the responsibility for the marital communication breakdown first. If you still don’t think that marriages are a 50/50 proposition, then we can’t help you.

  • Is this system a kind of therapy?

No, it is a system that gives you the necessary information for you to take direct action, and is then completed by personal coaching that helps you focus on what needs to be done to improve the degree of happiness in your marriage.

  • Is this information only psychobabble, or is it valid research?

Everything proposed in this system is based on valid concepts, proposed by research on human development and healthy couples’ psychology.

  • Can I use only the book and the workbook, and choose not use the coaching sessions?

Of course, you can purchase the system and never register for your coaching sessions. However, this would be a serious mistake; at the beginning, you need someone else pointing to you the areas in need of attention, so as to improve your marital situation fast and feel better. By only reading the book you are on your own, and it makes personal change very difficult.

Why rejecting part of the package designed to help you?

  • How many coaching sessions are included?

Depending of the plan selected, you can have from six to ten sessions. We offer the possibility of providing extra coaching sessions, as many as you can need to change your marriage, at additional cost.

  • What else can you do for me so I don’t go back to my former passive aggression behaviors? Is there more help to solve the following situations:
  • treat my wife/family differently?
  • get the respect of my coworkers?
  • use the skills in other areas, like work?
  • restore other damaged relationships?

Yes, we can coach you into solutions for your particular challenges; this is the reason coaching sessions are included! You will get doable solutions that can provide relief to anger and resentment in your relationships, fast.

How can I share my skills with my own children?

Very easily: as soon as you learn the skills to treat your wife as she deserves to be treated, you will be doing the same to everybody in your life, and children will have your example in front of them. We promise that your children will notice the difference and love you more for that!

    • I paid but did not receive the product.

      Information abut how to download your Books has been sent to you; you will receive a confirmation email after the validation of your purchase.

      This email will have the following subject: “Your Purchase of the program: “MY HEALTHIER MARRIAGE COACHING PROGRAM.

      If for some reason after 15 or 30 minutes you have not received the email with the download instructions, please check your spam folder.

      Please visit Contact Us if you think it was sent to the wrong address.

    • What is the warranty/refund policy? We are completely sure that you will change your passive aggressive ways if you follow  ““MY HEALTHIER MARRIAGE COACHING PROGRAM.” However, we do offer a 30-Day Refund Policy, wherein you will receive a complete refund of your purchase price. After 30 days, we will adjust your refund according to how much of the product you have used. Using only the book, but not the coaching sessions will prevent you from getting the complete results we know we guarantee. You do this selection at your own risk.
  • How do I request a refund of my product?

    We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so you have 30 days from the date of purchase to ask for a refund. Your refund will be processed within 36 hours of us receiving your request. You can submit your request on our Contact Us page.

  • Confidentiality

    We keep all your information confidential, and we will never rent or give away our client lists. For added security and to protect yourself from spammers, we recommend that you use only a first name if leaving comments on any page or post.

  • How do I schedule my included coaching session?As soon as you receive your books, begin reading them. Once you have a first reading, and have your own personal questions ready, register at: https://passiveaggressivemen.com/book-your-coaching-session/
  • More Questions?

    Please, visit our Contact Us page to submit other questions and concerns. Thanks!

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