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The communication in your marriage has become strained. You’ve begun to clam up; your wife continues to call you a passive aggressive husband. You are hoping that your approach will send her the message that you need peace and quiet, but it is not working because discussions are escalating into fights. It’s a vicious cycle perpetuated by her feeling isolated and protesting loudly, provoked by your silence, which prompts you naturally to take refuge in more silence. Meanwhile, your relationship continues in a downward spiral.

The “My Healthier Marriage Coaching Program” is our revolutionary system comprised of components that will change your marital relationship forever. In it, we teach you how to identify and change behaviors produced by an old childhood attachment that simply isn’t working. After applying our proven program you will know how to best approach your wife, how to solve differences between you, and how to express your needs so they are heard and acted on as part of the marriage deal. Our program was developed by a team of relationship experts, (Neil Warner and Nora Femenia) and has been perfected over the course of 6 years. It has changed already the lives of hundreds of people and played a part in healing countless relationships, providing them with the right approach and the right tools to produce positive change.

When you immerse yourself in this pioneering program, you’ll begin walking on a structured path that will ultimately result in understanding the origins of your passive aggressive behaviors, being able to learn and use better communication skills here and now with your wife, feeling more comfortable expressing your true feelings, and enjoying your relationships more than ever before.

“I have spent all my adult life trying to deny my childhood damage…nobody told me that I’m behaving now using the same defenses I had when I was 5 years old.

When we had a fight, I usually went into “what I’m doing here…” thinking. I didn’t discuss, disagree,  or explain my position to her…It was easy to listen and then go away and do whatever I thought was best for me…

All those past years, I have been in my “self-protective mode” instead of being in a shared perspective of committed relationship…Never really knew what being married entails!

This program taught me several basic things about being with other person that I never learned before… And, what is the point of defending myself from her? She is not my parents..”

David Aldrich

Happy Customer

Coach Nora’s Experiences

Nora’s former practice as a family therapist dealing with all kinds of conflict topics, and as instructor in conflict resolution and family mediation provided her with a collection of rich strategies useful to coach individuals needing to rescue their marriages.

She can give you powerful perspectives for understanding your marital situation, focusing both on identifying your needs, her needs and taking action to restore your marriage.

We all have needs to express, but the rules about how much we say, when we say it, if we ask or demand our partner for solutions and if we have the right to say something or instead we should expect the other to guess what’s in our mind are changing always. This is the core of the most common conflict. If it’s risky to say anything very direct…some men try to navigate this challenge by following the old saying: “in doubt, say nothing.”

Nora works primarily with men who are at a crossroads in their marriage. For them, communication with their spouse has faltered. At the same time, his wife is pressing him about an issue that she feels needs resolution. She pressures and prods him to accept and change his passive aggression, only to cause him to feel accused, shut down and shut her out. Behavior on both sides keeps escalating into rejection and contempt, and the union is slowly dying.

Can you recognize this interaction? If left to repeat by itself, it produces a passive aggressive marriage fast:

  • male person clams up, wishing the other would do the same and let him have dinner
  • the female despairs of having a needed conversation, and claims, yells and cries
  • male person clams up a bit more to “keep the peace” and leaves the place
  • the abandoned female cries more, pursues him and big drama happens
  • husband now has to contend with being accused of doing passive aggression
  • the talk about getting a divorce if no changes appear is constant.

Coach Nora uses a new approach, based on attachment theory, that allows the husband to understand how his own past communication models are recreated here and now in the present relationship.

Your Coaching Sessions:

With this original program, you don’t just get Neil Warner’s books and self-study materials. I will work directly with you, one-on-one, using the phone or Skype, to illuminate the core concepts of the program, apply them to your own solutions, and help you permanently change your life and relationship for the better. In the first  50-minute coaching session, together we’ll…

  • Complete a self-assessment of your communication style.
  • Identify the origins of your mental models and current beliefs.
  • Ask questions to link your current beliefs and defenses to past experiences
  • Watch how old emotions create problems now and learn positive tactics to correct them.

Your coaching sessions will be pressure free, relaxed and informative, with tasks of self-reflection to follow up. Many students find that the first coaching session provides them with such a panoramic vision of their relationship dynamics that allows them to shift to a perspective they’ve never had before. The following sessions will be supported by immediate answers to your question, short phone calls or messaging by WhatSapp, so you will receive the necessary coaching just in time. 

How This Coaching Program Will Help You

Our system is easy to use, simple to understand, and proceeds in a methodical way where we can help you anywhere you live. We work with people nationwide, by phone, so there is no travel time and geography is not an issue (so, your best friend in Virginia is as much a prospect as someone down the street.) If there is a need to include the help of your wife in the process, we can do that using phone or Skype online. And its powerful content will walk you through the origins of passive aggressive behaviors (childhood insecure attachments to paternal figures); how to change those attachments, and how to learn and apply new behaviors. You will even learn the communication skills to express yourself without risk of misunderstandings, being provided with the right phrases to say.


The Book:

“Eliminating Passive Aggression: How to stop your wife’s complains and get your relationship working again, in 4 easy steps


 The Book Includes

  • A detailed framework in four lessons to better understand passive aggressive traits, why they manifest, and how to correct them.
  • Revolutionary tools that work to produce steady, positive behavioral change.
  • Success stories of the men (and their happy wives!) that have used this model to change their lives and rescue their marriages.

How Does It Work? After identifying potential passive aggressive traits, you’ll get to the core of the program written by relationship expert Neil Warner. “Eliminating Passive Aggression: How to stop your wife’s complains and get your relationship working again, in 4 easy steps.”

This book explores how passive aggression starts as a useful defense mechanism and how you can correct it. The book contains practical applications of each concept, easy to read and understand. No psychology classes or dictionaries are required! It is your guide to understanding and changing your communication style from passive aggressive to a healthier form that will benefit both you and your wife.

Among other valuable skills, the book will give you…

  • Lessons to teach you how to stop the ‘silent treatment’ and other destructive habits
  • Personal and practical guidance to improve your relationships TODAY
  • Exercises that measure your progress and help you sharpen your new skills

The Workbook:

“The Essential Workbook to Eliminating Passive Aggression”


The Book Includes

To maximize your benefits from the book, you will also receive the companion manual.  Use this powerful tool at the end of each book chapter to further reinforce key concepts and apply what you’ve learned to your own situations. The exercises in the workbook show you how the book’s lessons apply to everyday life. Use the workbook to gain valuable insight about past experiences and understand how those experiences have shaped the way you think in the present. For certain exercises (discovering the roots of hidden anger and discovering the past anger targets, for example), you will be personally guided by your coach. They will provide you with specific insights about your situation based on many of the answers and scenarios you create in your workbook.

YOU WILL RECEIVE THE EXTRA HELP MANUAL: “Healing Words To Communicate Safely With Your Wife,”  that teaches you how to solve uncomfortable silent moments, keep a conversation going, and the right words and phrases to connect emotionally with women.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I’m an artist at making my wife crazy!”


 I got to take the test using an invented name…when I got the responses, I was shocked at the profile of my own behaviors described there…What I’ve told myself that were protective behaviors, like not telling her about my work difficulties, ended up being a huge problem when she discovered that I almost lost the only income we have.

The worst aspect is my automatic tendency to block whatever she proposes… I know how she is expecting me to behave, and when I find this expectation, immediately do the opposite. My reaction is so fast that I haven’t observed it before…I covered it up thinking that it was constructive opposition, but she calls this attitude of mine “sabotage.” The truth is that when I come up with something different to create a fight,we don’t get to finish any of the home projects waiting for us.

NOW, when I know what needs to be done and still wish to retreat and be alone, and let her work by herself…I see this attitude as real sabotage, and remind myself that this option is no longer a choice for me.

And it makes such a difference! I can tell Nina about my temptation to frustrate her, and she tells me about how well we both will feel when we have finished painting the bedroom, and I feel motivated to help us both.”

Robert White

Happy Customer